Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is "ResumeLanka"? is a free online Resume (CV), Cover Letters, Invoices, Receipts, Memo, and any other letters generator. It's very easy and saves your time.

Service of ResumeLanka

We provide you with the following types of editable letter forms for free and in special packages. You can edit and download as pdf following forms.

  1. Resume (CV) & Cover Letters.
  2. Invoice, Receipts & Memo.
  3. Welcome & Farewell Letters.
  4. Address Change Letters.
  5. Announcement Letters.
  6. Acknowledgment Letters.
  7. Cancellation Letters.
  8. Condolence Letters.
  9. Confirmation Letters.
  10. Friendly Letters.
  11. Holiday Letters.
  12. Invitation Letters.
  13. Thanks Letters.
  14. Termination Letters.
  15. Inquiry Letters.
  16. Leave Letters.
  17. Request Letters.
  18. Resignation Letters.
  19. Retirement Letters.
  20. Recommendation Letters.